Supernova Footwear Loyalty Rewards Program

 Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Supernova Footwear Loyalty Rewards Program. 

Our customers are very important to us and as such we feel that your continued loyalty to our business should not go un-rewarded. So, our Loyalty Rewards Program was created as a way of giving back to you, our customer, with discounts being offered as a way of saying thank you for your continued support when shopping with Supernova.

Supernova Footwear Loyalty Rewards Program rewards you for doing what you love – buying beautiful things! You can sign up in-store or online by providing a few quick details including your phone number and email address. As a Supernova Footwear Loyalty Rewards Program member you’ll be able to stay up to date with our latest season collections, style inspiration and exclusive promotions and offers.

Supernova Footwear Loyalty Rewards Program is easy to use. There are no cards to keep in your wallet or membership numbers to remember. All you need to do is provide your name and contact details at the point of sale either online or instore and your rewards are automatically applied based on your purchase. Every purchase will go towards your reward level so the more you spend, the higher the annual discount you will receive. Easy and exciting!

We have 4 exciting reward levels, each offering you a higher discount the higher you move up.



Maintenance Spend per year


Spend between $500 and $1000 each year and receive 5% discount off your future purchases




Spend between $1000 and $1500 each year and receive 10% discount off your future purchases




Spend between $1500 and $2000 each year and receive 15% discount off your future purchases




Spend over $2000 each year and receive 20% discount off your future purchases



Supernova Footwear Loyalty Reward levels are valid for 12 months and are reset by the Maintenance Spend Value each year on 31st August. To remain in and enjoy the benefits of the loyalty rewards program you will need to continue enjoying our new collections and contributing quality purchases towards your reward levels.

The calendar year for Supernova Loyalty Rewards Program is 1st  September to 31st August.


Supernova Loyalty Rewards can be used as a discount based on your reward level. The amount of Loyalty Rewards discount available to you will depend upon your total purchases in the initial 12-month period and in accordance with the maintenance spend guidelines for subsequent years. You will only be entitled to Loyalty Rewards points for the value of full priced goods purchased. Points accumulated, and reward levels attained during a purchase can only be realised on the next purchase and cannot be used retrospectively on the current purchase.

On the 31st of August each year the Maintenance Spend Value equivalent in points is deducted from your points balance effectively dropping you down approximately one reward level. We do not reset you to zero as we encourage you to continue your ongoing relationship with Supernova Footwear year on year by effectively halving the points value required by you to re-achieve your previous years membership level.

If unfortunately, no purchases are credited towards your loyalty rewards program within any 12 month period then your rewards are reset to zero.

Supernova Loyalty Points:-

  • May not be redeemed for cash;
  • Are not transferrable to another person;
  • May not be used as a deposit or payment for lay-by items;
  • Will be reset by the Maintenance Spend level on the 31st August each year;
  • Will be reset to zero if no Loyalty reward purchases are recorded within any 12 month period.


Participation in our Loyalty Program is available to individuals only, with one membership per person. If you wish to become a member of our Loyalty Program, you can complete our membership process online or in person at our Supernova Dunsborough Store.


To be eligible to participate in our Loyalty Program, your minimum membership details must first be recorded in our Point of Sale database which is linked both instore and online at No matter if you are visiting us instore or online your purchases count towards your loyalty reward.  

Every time you shop with Supernova Footwear, your sale amount will be added on to our loyalty program. However, to enable us to keep track of your purchases in store, you must provide us with your membership details at the time of the sale. Without providing your membership details, your rewards points will not be added on.

The spend amount is based on the value of the transaction after all exchanges and refunds are applied, and excludes shipping and gift card purchases.


Supernova Footwear reserves the right to make any changes to its Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions at any time, which include but are not limited to:-

  • Changes to the rules of the Loyalty Program membership;
  • Changes to the amount of the Loyalty Rewards and discounts on offer;
  • Supernova Footwear may at its discretion cancel your membership, or refuse you membership to its Loyalty Program, at any time without notice to you. 
  • Supernova Footwear reserves the right in its absolute discretion to exclude certain items from the rewards program.


Supernova Footwear reserves the right to terminate the Loyalty Program at any time by giving you at least 30 days prior written notice. Supernova Footwear may give you notice by way of:-

  • online;
  • in writing;
  • through a newsletter; or
  • through any media source within Australia.


To administer our loyalty program and to provide you with Loyalty Rewards Points, Supernova Footwear may use and store personal information that you provide to us for marketing, sales, and/or promotions to keep you informed of special promotions, events, product launches and any other special offers.

Your privacy is very important to us so if you do not wish to receive marketing or promotional material, please advise us so that we can remove you from our mailing list.

Should the occasion arise, Supernova Footwear reserves the right to share your personal information if required by law, with any law enforcement body or agency.

Supernova Footwear will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, misuse and modification.

If any personal information you provided to us has changed, please advise us so that we can update your personal information.

Supernova Footwear is not responsible to you for any loss or damage due to any false or incorrect personal information provided to us.


You agree that your access to, and use of this site and the Loyalty Program, is subject to these terms and conditions and is at your own risk.  

This site and its content is provided to you on an “as is” basis. Whilst we aim to provide the most current and correct information at all times, this site may contain errors, faults and inaccuracies and may not be complete and current.

Supernova Footwear does not accept any liability for any loss or damages incurred or suffered by you or any other person as a result of your use of this site or the Loyalty Program.

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